Sunday, 17 January 2016

Wintry Weather

Hey guys!
As it is, excitingly, snowing today, I thought I would create a post on wintry weather. I hope you enjoy!
There's something about walking in the country, dusted with sugary icing sugar snow, and watching as birds and dogs make mad tracks in the white, like a rollercoaster of footprints. I love everything; the still air, the fresh smell, the look of the snow-lined trees. Everything's beautiful, trapped in time in a white wonderland.
I am sat on the sofa, a blanket cuddled over me in the chilly weather, smiling each time I look out at the white land just outside my window. It's so pretty. The bird feeders are frozen stiff, the birds hopping around below them looking decidedly confused, and the trampoline is covered with a three-centimetre thick lining of frozen water. The plants have been dusted in snow too, leaves tinted bright white. The lawn looks like a blanket. The pond has frozen.
No wind batters the weeping willow dangling its branches into the water. No noise comes from the park over the barrier of conifers. Just silence, hanging in the air, beautiful, still.
My brother leaps up and down like a caged tiger, raring to be let outside into the snow. My parents are asleep, safely tucked in bed above us. Everything is so quiet; I love it.
Hot chocolate and marshmallows are bought from Tesco, as the kettle boils over with rage. We sip steaming soup from flasks, the heat steamy like our breath against the air.
If anyone else loves winter as much as I do, please leave me a comment saying what your favourite bit of winter is.
Thank you for your love and support! You mean the world to me.

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