Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snow White

Hey guys!
I know the title of this blog post might be a bit odd but I want to talk to you about being beautiful today. The reason I have named the title of this post Snow White is because there is snow lying outside, and I think it fits pretty well with the topic. Happy reading!
What with peer pressure and make-up and new trends chopping and changing, girls can find it hard to be fashionable all the time. In America, most schools wear non-uniform and finding a suitable outfit can be hard. In Europe, though, most schools wear a set uniform which is easier because you have no pressure in choosing pretty outfits each day.
I know at my previous school there was pressure in  being cool. Girls who dressed differently were seen as uncool, and there were specific gangs, or squads, of girls that would whisper and make rude remarks. If you have ever been laughed at or picked on for wearing something that others didn't approve of, it wasn't your fault. Girls like that don't often realise, but being different is good. It is a free country and that means your clothing is your choice, not anyone else's. Remember that.
Now, Snow White; reminds you of the Disney film about the sweet little girl and her wicked stepmother and the seven dwarves, right? Well, my blog won't be about her. It's actually about embracing the inner you and being your own person.
This morning, me and my brother, who I will call Monkey, woke up as usual and looked casually out of the window. Everything was white. And we yelled with excitement and rushed through to our parents' room without a second thought. A few hours later, once the sun was up and we had had breakfast, we put on thermals and jumpers and hunted for miscellaneous hats and gloves in the cupboard and in the car. Once we were dressed and ready, we raced out to the garden and threw snowballs at each other and looked at the pond, which had frozen over during the night. Ten minutes later we had got the sledge from the garage and had run over to the park. We sledged and sledged down the hill in the park, trying out various combinations; backwards, forwards, standing, lying, kneeling, sideways, sitting, even in the splits. By the time my thin Christmas pudding gloves were frozen stiff and underneath my fingers glowed red. My tracksuit bottoms with silver sequins were sodden and my fashionable coat was covered in snow. My hair was un-brushed and had specks of white glistening in it.
My point is that fashion and beauty isn't everything. What people think is irrelevant if you are having fun. You don't always need to look good; I love dressing up and practising make-up looks and spending ages flicking through Pinterest and looking at all my favourite teen fashion pins and re-pinned pins (follow me on Pinterest at DIY Teen) and doing my hair, but sometimes you have to enjoy the moment and not care what you look like and just have fun.
The reason I am writing this and spending so much time on it is actually because just the other day I was looking through an old photo album, smiling at memories of snow days in the past and my first holiday abroad to Disneyland. Then, at the age of about eleven, the pictures sort of...changed. I stopped smiling as if I had no worries, and some of the pictures was me, pouting. It made me realise that image is actually not always what it feels like. I mean, the pictures that made me smile were the ones of me, smiling, acting happy and carefree. NOT the ones where I'm pouting or wearing make-up or trying to be someone I'm not.
So, what I am trying to tell you, is being yourself beats being a mirror image of someone else. Believe it - honestly, it's true. Don't care about what you look like because it's not important. Focus on being someone who is nice on the inside.
Thank you for reading - it took a long time for me to write this! I hope you liked it and please comment or follow me if you read my blog a lot.
This is a topic I feel very strongly about, and hope you can all agree and can maybe change your mind about what your personal image should look like. If you don't, leave my site. I don't want this to be negative; I started blogging to have a more positive view on life, and if you can't abide with it, I don't want you reading my thoughts and feelings.
Girl Behind The Screen xx

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