Hey guys!
Today, as you can see, I will blog about confidence. This page will hopefully help some of you overcome a lack of confidence and maybe feel more confident at home and at school. I will be showing you a few of my tips and guiding you through the art of looking, acting and being confident. Enjoy!
OK, the most important step in the how-to of being confident is simply relax. Let your hair down, shrug your shoulders a few times, smile. If you look happy and confident, you will start to act confident too.
The next thing you should master is self-confidence. Do you ever say something then wish you hadn't said it and blush and apologise? Do you ever criticize yourself when people don't like you? Do you ever put yourself down? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, stop doing it. You need to believe in yourself more and realise that actually, you are capable of doing something difficult. You can do it; believe it. If anyone happens to challenge you or doesn't believe you, try to prove them wrong. Don't acknowledge them but show them you can do it and it will make them look silly.
Now you should be looking and feeling more confident. The third step to confidence is acting. You should be able to keep your cool in class, offer answers, speak out loud, even volunteer to act a role-play. None of the above will make you look silly. It will really make you look confident and sure of yourself, and if everyone else is thinking that, you should too. Push any negative thoughts out of your head - they are just doubting you, so ignore them - and put a hand on your hip and smile. Talk louder; act better. You are capable and others will see it if you believe it.
Now, once all these are mastered, you just need to know that you can do it. If you are afraid of public speaking or afraid of standing up to someone, tell yourself you can do it - and then do it. Confidence is a great thing to have, but don't have over-confidence; believe in yourself but stay you. Don't start bossing people around or making rude remarks because of your newly-found confidence. Simply keep it in your heart, a proud feeling. Don't let others squash it.
Thank you for reading! I enjoyed writing this page, as I used to struggle with self-confidence but now think I am a stronger person, and am proud to know that.
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