Hey guys!
Today, I am blogging about skincare - it is very important in my life at the moment, especially as the teenage years bring spots and greasy skin. Although skincare is important, we should know about the products we are applying to our face and what they do. In this page, I will explain skincare routines, products, why we use them and what we should use at different times of the day/year. Enjoy!
My first post in this page will be about products - I will show you five of my top skincare buys, from four famous brands.
These are, admittedly, all available for less than £5 in a drugstore or shop across the UK - my budget isn't big enough to indulge in high-end skincare, but I make sure what I  buy is still reliable products from a good-quality brand. Anyway, on with the show!
1. Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub
This is a brilliant buy - inexpensive, non-irritant and very fun to use! My skin shone for the entire day after applying this, rather excitedly, along with Simple's Cleansing Cream. It is soft, without any plastic beads in, and didn't case any irritation to my face at all, although I have sensitive skin and can only use facial products for a few brands. Perfect! Would recommend for anyone over the age of eleven who likes their skin to shine.
2. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
This moisturiser is fab. After using it at a friend's house, I decided to look into buying it online at Boots and I did! Now I am very glad that I did purchase this, because it has been absolutely brilliant and always replenishes my skin better than water could. Again, Simple's products didn't case even a small rash and were very easy to apply and wash off. Would recommend to anyone who has dry skin or likes to moisturise in warmer months. Very good quality for the money!
3. Boots Cooling Cucumber Facial Wash
This was, unlike either of Simple's products above, quite an iffy buy because I wasn't sure if it would irritate my skin or not. Thankfully it didn't but I still only use this product at the weekend as it can sometimes cause mild burning on my T-Zone, so I like to limit the use. However, it is very reasonably priced and pretty good quality. Cools skin better than water could and leaves a refreshing feel.
4. Botanics All Bright Cleansing Lotion
Oh my Gosh, this is perfect! The silky soft feel of this cleanser cools my face and cleanses it, and the packaging is super cute too - though I definitely didn't judge it by its cover. Best in the summer when it really cleanses skin properly, but would recommend for anyone. Absolutely lovely to apply to skin.
5. Skin Therapy Facial Wash
Again, quite a cheap product. I remember purchasing it slightly doubtfully for 95p at Wilko but it was actually a pleasant surprise! Very foamy once applied, and although it can be quite hard to remove, this facial wash is pretty brilliant. Comes in a tubular pack and is great for traveling. However, it did cause my fried a red rash on her face and can't be used if you have incredibly sensitive skin.
Well, I hope you liked reading this rather long post - I tried  to include a different product for most aspects of skincare. my favourite, by the way, is product number one, simply for it's amazing feel.
Thank you for your support!
Girl Behind The Screen xx