Hey guys!
Today I am blogging about positivity. Although I have already created a page about happiness, I am trying to improve my life and yours by adding positivity. Positivity is like happiness; it is about focusing on good things, not bad, and changing things in your life to make you even more positive. Happy reading!
The first thing I am doing at the moment is writing about my favourite things and things that make me happy in a notebook before I go to bed. I allow 10 minutes for thinking about nice things, and have found it makes me fall asleep quicker (wow).
Here are my happy thoughts right now:
1. It is nearing Spring and that means baby birds, sunshine and fun.
2. It's Sunday and I'm at home, relaxing.
3. Tomorrow I will see all my friends.
4. It has snowed and there is remains of the snow lying on the grass outside, which is very exciting.
5. I'm blogging and people are reading.
6. My family and I are all happy, healthy and safe.
7. I have friends, I am doing well at school and I am happy.
8. Life is good!
This helps me feel positive and happy and I am trying as hard as I can to be positive.
The second thing I am doing is redecorating my corkboard by taking down all my posters and random achievements and replacing them with cute little quotes and fairy lights around the border. I also printed out loads of Polaroid pictures and displayed them on my corkboard too, so whenever I am feeling down I can simply look at all the quotes  and pictures and feel instantly happier.
Another thing you could try is purchasing fairy lights, either from Amazon as they are sold cheaply there, or a smaller local business and turning your bedroom into a fairy grotto. This will make you happy and safe whenever you go into your room, or turn it into a den.
Thank you for reading this page and comment if you try any of these ideas.
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Girl Behind The Screen xx