Hey guys!
This post is all about FUN - giving you a few ideas for parties, sleepover and even simple get-together with friends or family. Happy reading!
The first set of useful tips I am going to give you is about sleepovers. I have loved sleepovers since I was little, and they are super fun whether you are doing it with a sister or a best friend. These tips include starters for the design, the clothes you wear and the activities you could do:
1. Wear comfy but pretty clothes. What I mean by this is don't wear high heels and a really tight skirt because they won't be comfortable to have on for a long period of time. I mean wear leggings and a top or tights and a skater skirt and a sweater. These are still nice clothes and will make you look sweet, but they won't leave you with annoying blisters or unable to run around easily. Dress down if you are with your besties; they won't mind.
2. Have a theme and stick to it. For example, you could have a film night theme and dress in onesies or skirts and sweaters or cute pyjamas and eat popcorn and drink Coke. You could even choose a colour; everyone has to dress in that colour and you could eat cake and drink juice if it was yellow, or drink Ribena and eat sweets if the theme was pink. This way sleepovers or parties are super fun because you are restricted to what you do and everything is matching!
3. Decorate your room with fairy lights or matching cushions to make it even more fun. This will make you feel girly and it will feel more like a sleepover when the room is as pretty as you are! Also, if your room can be quite untidy, shove everything away in a drawer/cupboard for your guests. Clutter clutters the brain having an empty space is much nicer.
4. Do a few activities with your guests to have even more fun! If you are stuck with ideas for activities, you could do a spot of baking or go shopping or even have a home fashion shoot. Grab a phone/camera and snap pictures of each other in cute outfits and make-up.
The next tips are for meeting friends for a few hours of the day. These will definitely make your day sparkle with fun!
1. If you are going shopping, bring a phone/camera and go into clothes shops to take selfies. Me and my bezzie once did this and it was hilarious! I still have adorable pictures of jus wearing moustaches and cowboy hats in Peacocks - it was soooo fun!
2. Make something to snack on - smoothies or muffins are a great idea because they are relatively healthy and easy to make. I do this a lot with friends, especially in the summer, when we created a whole set of summer-themed drinks including cucumber fusions, smoothies, healthy milkshakes and iced teas. For inspiration head to Pinterest or Tumblr.
3. Do something different. You could try swimming, gymnastics, trampolining or a new club together - even going out to eat somewhere new or for a walk in the local park. If all goes well, do it again! There is no limit of fun activities you could do with your best friends!
I hope you enjoy reading this page - it was very interesting to write! Will be uploading tomorrow too - happy reading!
Girl Behind The Screen xx