Hey guys!
This page will be on beauty - but don't read the title thinking I am all about eyelash extensions and false nails and foundation three metres thick. No. I just want people to see themselves the way other people see them and realise they are beautiful, too.
It doesn't matter what colour hair you have, or what length it is, or what shade of eyes you have, or your skin type. Girls especially follow trends like bees after honey, hunting for a perfect shade of gold eyeliner of the thickest black mascara on the market. They often don't realise that beauty isn't about what you wear on non-uniform days or the make-yup you own. It doesn't matter. Beauty is just being yourself - natural is best.
So, next time someone criticizes an outfit or make-up choice, either laugh it off or tell them beauty isn't about the newest trends but the happiness held within the wearer. It is important to look neat and presentable, of course; I am not telling you to stop brushing your hair or stop washing, but what I a trying to get across is that your fashion sense is irrelevant to your beauty. Everyone is beautiful. Always remember that.
On this page you will also find tips on how to dress for your style, beauty tips, and some fun posts on girly magazines and likewise. I hope you enjoy reading my blog - it would mean so much to me if you could comment too!
Girl Behind The Screen xx