Bath and body

Hey guys!
Today I am making a new page about bath and body - it will feature a few of my favourite bath and body products, my top five bath and beauty stores and a few other random girly things! I hope you enjoy it.
Firstly, if any of you are familiar with world-famous blogger Zoella, this page will feature her a bit too. Her bath and body posts are fab - she includes some great products and super girly pictures! The link to her post about bath and body products, in particular Lush, is right here for you to read: I really enjoyed looking at all the products and reading her thoughts on them!
Getting right into it, my favourite bath and body retailers are (in order):
1. The Body Shop
The Body Shop's products are absolutely amazing - even the hand sanitizers smell super sweet and are packaged really nicely. My favourite product is definitely the Born Lippy pot lip balm Raspberry - it tints your lips a bright pink colour and smells like heaven.
2. Superdrug
Although this drugstore is cheaper than a few of my fave listings, I love its huge range of products and the Zoella range in particular (surf Zoe's blog to find out more about her super products!). Also, owning a Supderdrug Beautycard is really useful when splurging!
3. Lush
OK, firstly, Lush is just beautiful. The bath bombs from Lush are brilliant - my fave has to be Think Pink bath bomb because of the adorable design! Whenever I go into Lush I feel as if I'm in a huge scented air bath...anyone else?
4. Boots
Since I got my Boots card just last month (I know, I'm very behind) I have loved Boots so much - the shower gel and skincare ranges particularly! The 1/2 price gift sale is awesome as well, and my card has been used a lot in order to grab those Soap and Glory bargains! My favourite product in the entirety of Boots is probably Soap and Glory's fab Sugar Crush scrub...OMG so good!
5. Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works is superb; the smell of the store! I love all the packaging too, it's super girly and really pretty, which I love. Everything is my's way too hard to choose!
Bath and Body Works always smells so nice as well, I love going in there and literally inhaling the air like a loon.
OK, now some of my favourite bath products. These are all the things I have received from friends or family or bought myself and loved so much I had to buy them again
1. Zoella's Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel - smells amazing, has possibly the cutest packaging ever, and is really cleansing, as promised. When applying this on my skin in the bath, it really does make it feel shiny and glowing and healthy. Lush!
2. I Love Raspberries and Blackberries Body Butter Large - this is a good size, not great for travelling but amazingly scented and made so your skin is super soft the whole day once applying it! the I Love range is brilliant, and this product may well be my favourite - it is so nice! Would instantly recommend to any bath-lover who likes to look after their skin.
3. Attract Lynx For Her Shower Gel - OK, I literally didn't even know Lynx did girly things, so when I opened it (for Christmas), I thought it was an accident and tried to rewrap it! But it is actually really nice-smelling, sweet and refreshing. Cute packaging too and fun to display on the bathroom window sill.
4. Along Came Betty So Much Bubble Heavenly Bath Soak Peachy Keen - Wow! This could be my favourite ever bath soak, firstly because of the smell, as it is sugary and girly, and the packaging - pink and peachy - is super sweet in my bedroom!
5. Joules 5 Brilliant Bath Fizzers - these are my favourite bath bombs ever (apart from the Lush ones, anyhow...)! They are pink and yellow and scent a whole room, honestly! Really pretty colours and a great box to store them in before use. Affordable and colour the bath water!
6. Boots Extracts Coconut Body Butter - This body butter smells heavenly, like really strong coconut and honey, weirdly, and is really smooth and buttery. Comes in a small tub which is perfect for travelling and is super cute, too. Lush!
These are my fave six bath/body buys, and now I will introduce you to possibly the best bath range ever! Zoella, blogging sensation and YouTube heroine, has created two ranges filled with  bath  soaks, foot creams, candles and lip balms! With individual names such as Soak Opera, they are fun to collect and make you smell super sweet. I have used a range and decided on my absolute top three:
1. Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion
OMG, amazing! The product really does smell like candy and the package is adorable too - bargain! You can get it from Superdrug, or online.
2. Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub
Again, smells so fruity and sugary! Love the case and the smell and the feel - the scrub does scrub softly and leaves your skin feeling so nice! Love it.
3. Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel
I mentioned this earlier in the post and it never gets old; it is super-smelling, adorable and pretty inexpensive, at only £3.50. Bought this on sale and was so pleased! Amazing.
That's the end of my fun and super-long post! Had loads of fun writing it and testing all my bath products! Please leave a comment telling me your faves, will give you a Shout out in my next blog!
Girl Behind The Screen xx