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Amazing New School Stationery

School Stationery


Hey guys!
This post will show you my ideal pencil case, as well as some note-writing tips for class! Enjoy!
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OK, we all know having adorable stationery is the best bit of school – who doesn’t want the cutest new highlighters or a furry pencil case? I’m going to show you my ideal bag, pencil case and stationery, perfect for going back to school after the holidays or just changing your pencil case up a bit. If you do decide to purchase any of them, please comment below if you liked them!
I would chose my pencil case from Blott – my absolute fave is the Two-Colour Zip’N’Skip Pencil Case in Blue – it is super cute, practical and very big for storing all my stationery in there!
Here is a list of the stationery items I would purchase for my pencil case:

1.       Fine liners and Fabulous Felt Tip Pens, again from Blott, because of their amazing colours. You can buy them for £10 in store and come in a practical plastic case, perfect for storing separately on your bag.

2.       Obviously, a cute Notebook for notes and reminders has to be from Paperchase! I prefer the A4 10-Subject Notebook for school stuff and notes and then the Gold Spot A6 Ruled Notebook because it is super pretty and really easy to carry around in your bag.

3.       Highlighters are a must; my favourites are Sharpie Pocket Highlighter Pens – they are so bright and easy to see and are super slim, which means they are great for carrying around in a pencil case.

4.       Uniball Eye Set of Pens, by WHSmith. This is, admittedly, £8.99 and quite expensive but the set includes 2 blue rollerball pens, 2 black rollerballs and a red rollerball. The ink is long-lasting and fade-proof and they are a perfect addition to a pencil case and great for making comments and changing essays or homework.

5.       Wild Heart Swirl Pen from Paperchase. This is super sweet, really easy to hold, and pretty! I love this SO much and makes a great present for girly girls. And it’s only £3! Bargain!

6.       If you love sensible stationery with a cute twist, these spotty gel pens are the thing for you – Polkadot Gel Pen Set includes 5 adorable gel pens with coloured cases, for only £3.50.

7.     Zebra Funky Ballpoint Pens from WHSmith are another necessity, both really pretty and black ink so writing colour isn’t a problem. Amazing deal and really nice presents for any animal-lover.
I think having a comfy bag is really important, so I chose a rucksack that won’t hurt your shoulders when you are walking to school. Also, the pencil case is big enough to fit in all of these super cute pens and highlighters – fab!
After online shopping on several websites, I think the one that stood out for me was  the Grey Crochet Backpack by Claire’s – the design is raelly, really nice! Claire’s bags are usually pretty good quality, and the bag is only £30, so pretty affordable too. Would recommend for any lace-loving girl!
This section is going to give you 5 of my most useful, clever tips for studying:

1.       Take a drink of water and a tasty but nutritious snack up with you before studying. I like to have water, an apple and chocolate – scientists’ studies have shown that chocolate contains ingredients that are good for the brain whilst working.

2.       Wear comfy clothes, preferably leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a sweater or T-shirt. This will stop discomfort and will be super easy to work in.

3.       Do your studying in a quiet location with no distractions. For instance, ensure the windows are closed and you have your phone far away to prevent distraction.

4.       Highlight, underline and make notes with colour-codes or keys. This will separate out information and divide tasks into smaller, more approachable sections that you could do one at a time.

5.       Study in little bursts every day, not for hours once or twice. Also, go over things you have covered until you know them off by heart.
I hope these help – they certainly do for me! Now I am going to give you a few pointers for note-writing:

1.       Make small flashcards and flick through them every day at a certain time. Soon information will become easier and easier to learn.

2.       Use dark colours such as black so you know you will always be able to read them.

3.       Make bullet points or divide up your work to avoid huge paragraphs of senseless words.

4.       If you don’t know what something means, make a note of it and write the definition in to prevent confusion.
That’s all for today! Hope you found this useful – I use it whilst watching YouTube or just catching up on notes for lessons.
Girl Behind The Screen xx

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