Friday, 22 January 2016

The Importance Of Being Yourself

Hey guys!
Today I am talking about being yourself.
OK, it is uber important to always be yourself. If you're not, you're not being the person you are - but trust me, we've all been there when we see that girl and think, "Oh my God she's so cute I need to be more like her."
No. We don't. Maybe that girl is cute, but is she really nice? Is she nicer than you? Would she give up her seat on the bus to an old lady, or would she fake a sprained ankle just to keep her seat? The point is, she probably won't be as nice as you are, and there isn't any point in trying to be her.
I used to have a really sweet best friend, who we will call A. She was pretty and popular and sweet - but only if she liked you. She could be really mean if she didn't.
And she always seemed to look perfect; her brown-blonde hair was always straight and perfectly brushed, her skin was always smooth and she was always smiling. It seemed so unfair when I was near her because she could be spiteful, yet she was so pretty.
I became sort of jealous; her good looks were annoyingly perfect. I copied her and tried to be exactly like her, striving for perfection, hoping against hope I would be one of the 'cool girls' and be allowed to hang out with A.
But, later on, we had a fight. I had drifted away from her and found a new friend, who we will call B. B wasn't as popular or as perfect, but she was lovely and super fun. B was a lot more like me - we shared the same humour, the exact same height and the same interests. After chatting together one lunchtime we bonded and stuck together like glue. A wasn't happy.
When we had had enough of her trying to pull me away from B, we confronted her. I told her I thought I suited B more than her, as gently as I could. She had been being mean for the whole time whilst I had been spending time with B, and I knew I should have told her about it. So we did. After school.
It didn't work out and everything ended in a huge argument, me and B on one side and A and her friend n the other. It lasted for ages, but B stuck by me the whole time.
What I had realised was that A actually wasn't as nice as she had seemed. I learnt my lesson about judging people on their appearance, and am still best friends with B now.
Basically what I am trying to say is make friends because they are nice, not because they're pretty, and ALWAYS be yourself. You are amazing as you are and shouldn't change for anyone!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any comments or queries for me, please please please contact me or simply leave a comment in the section below!
Thank you so much.
Girl Behind The Screen xx