Monday, 18 January 2016


Hey, guys!
Today post will be about shopping – I wanted  to share with you a few of the most helpful shopping tips I could find, after 40 minutes of Internet surfing and a few peeps at both Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter’s blogs. It includes tips for all ages and both genders!
So, here they are!
Tip One: Prepare and plan like crazy. If you are going to a big sale in January or an organised shopping trip that with likely have a load of people there, arrive a few hours in advance and pack a lot of food and drink to nibble whilst waiting. Also, make a list of your budget on a piece of paper and write a shopping list of 1) necessities that you MUST buy and also products you quite like and might buy. Separate these and highlight your favourites, or colour-code them.
Tip Two: Make a plan of which shops you want to visit and what you want from each shop. You could even make a budget for each shop which will help you decide on what you want to buy. Again, I find highlighting really helps!
Tip Three: Take plastic bags – as these are now costing 5p, take a little supply of bags in a corner of your bag to save yourself 30p! It also saves the planet and is very useful as it recycles bags you have stored away.
Tip Four: Always bring an extra £5 to pay for additional costs such as car parking just in case.
Tip Five: If you have a portable phone charger, bring it so as to charge your phone in case of emergency. Alternatively, allow time to charge it fully beforehand so you are able to call or text.
Tip Six: Bring a friend or family. It’s a lot more fun shopping with friends or family and then can often give you excellent advice.
Tip Seven: Be organised and early! If you are running late, chances are you might not enjoy it as much as anticipated, so make sure you catch your train or arrive early and beat the mad panic for the sales.
Tip Eight: If you have access to a laptop, check the shop’s online store before and either bookmark or note down the details of your favourite products. This means you can instantly pay and don’t have to fret about your budget; you know how much it is already! It might also tell you the featured discounts and new in store, which is an added bonus.
Tip Nine: Check the weather forecast! If it says it will rain, bring an umbrella, and if it says hot weather, bring a small tube of sun cream or sunglasses. You will then feel very organised when it starts to rain and you are able to just put up your umbrella!
Tip Ten: Organise eating arrangements before you go. Check the local restaurants, cafes, bars and stalls nearby and maybe look at a map online. This will allow you to fit in time for lunch and maybe bring extra cash to pay. Alternatively, you could check out the nearby smoothie stalls or Costas if you are only going for a few hours!
I hope you enjoyed this handy post – it really helped me when I went shopping with my friend! She was very surprised when I brought out an umbrella as soon as rain began to fall as if I was magic!
Girl Behind The Screen xx

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