Saturday, 23 January 2016

Life Hacks You Should Know

Hey guys!
This post will be filled with life hacks - including girly secrets and very important tips for school/work! The point of this post is just to have fun and help you have fun, too. Happy reading!
OK, the first thing I want to share is a few very useful life hacks. You know, tips that can be used in life to make it more bearable. So, here they are!
1. Pick out the outfit you want to wear the previous night to stop mad panics when you can't find your favourite skirt or the one top that matches your spotty leggings is in the wash. I find this helpful, especially for school.
2. Don't drink coffee or Coke after 7pm. The caffeine keeps you awake all night and prevents a healthy night's sleep.
3. Relax before you go to bed - I recommend reading or writing, but not any screen time half an hour before you go to sleep. The bright light affects your eyes and prevents you from sleeping well.
4. Buy a phone case. The reason I put this on here was to stop you from dropping (thus smashing) your phone and either having to get a new one or not being able to use it. Very helpful life hack - even a £1 clear protective case will do.
5. Don't keep your phone in your room when you are in bed. EVER. This will simply prevent you from getting the right amount of sleep and will hurt your eyes - don't use bright screens in the dark. It might be hard, but I always leave my phone downstairs when I go to sleep, otherwise I'm too tempted!
6. Get Pinterest. It's absolutely brilliant and allows you to look at the cutest, most adorable animal pictures in the history of the world! Loving Pinterest at the moment - if you want to gain more followers, search keywords relating to your account and follow all the pinners pinning stuff relative to yours.
7. Eat breakfast! I say this a lot, but breakfast is uber important and shouldn't be missed! Always eat at least a piece of fruit in the morning to keep you going - you could even take your breakfast to school and eat it there.
8. Have one handbag in use at one time. Never switch between a couple because, basically, you will end up forgetting where stuff like your Polo mints are or which bag you put your phone in and probably end up losing something (I learnt this the hard way). Instead, keep all your handbag items in one bag - it makes life so much easier!
9. Instead of buying eBooks that are physically explaining a process (such as increasing blog traffic) and spending money on it, look online instead. Google is free and will (probably) provide you of the information you need. This way you end up spending time and money - deal!
10. Keep pens/stationery in jars or tins on your desk instead of in drawers. They are easier to access as well as being displayed prettily, rather than being hidden away (and it minimises the risk of you losing them quite a bit!).
Please comment below if you use any of those - I really do find them helpful! Now I am going to list five of my lifesaver school hacks; enjoy!
1. From the age of eleven up, carry a tampon/sanitary towel around with you in your bag. This way, if you start your period in school, it is easy to fix!
2. We all miss days of school; dentist appointments, sick days, funerals, etc. But what if you missed vital information in class? Well, simply type keywords relating to the lesson in YouTube's search bar and then make notes there! Easy, free, and fun.
3. If you are starting a new school where you don't know anyone, ask for phone numbers on induction day. This way you can text people in your class and get to know them before you all start in September - great!
4. Pay attention in class. Simple, but vital if you want to do well in life.
5. Always carry a bottle of water around with you for emergencies. Water gives your brain energy and prevents dehydration - it's pretty important. Drink regularly throughout the day to keep you healthy whilst at school.
Thank you for reading! Feel free to share this post and my blog to anyone. I'd love to spread the news!
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