Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hey guys!
The title of this post is in capitals and with an exclamation mark. And yes, it deserves it. Today I am going to write about BOYS.
OK, this post will feature some tips on how to tell if a boy really likes you or not, how to develop a stronger relationship with a friend that happens to be male, and a few tips for those of you currently in a relationship. Happy reading!
Firstly, some tips to tell if a boy is crushing on you or not:
1. Does he act awkwardly around you sometimes? If so, he probably is crushing on you and is just waiting for the perfect moment to ask you out.
2. If he treats you like a friend and calls you 'mate' and lets you hang around with his friends, he probably isn't ready for a relationship and sees you as a friend. Don't worry, though, there may be potential dating material there for later!
3. Is he always surprising you with chocolate, and opening doors for you? Does he spend lots of time with you and choose you over his mates? If so, he likes you. Ask him out!
Don't forget I am not a dating expert and don't know everything about relationships, this is just based on my knowledge.
Now, if you realised the boy you like doesn't fancy you, here are a few tips for building a stronger relationship and becoming closer to him:
1. Be nice and friendly. Don't act like the other girls who flirt and flutter their eyelashes. Try not to show off and just be nice towards him.
2. If you feel like you should tell him you like him, tell him slowly and explain yourself, don't just blurt it out. Boys should respect you if you talk gently and calmly to them.
3. Hang with your girlfriends some of the time and spend time with the boy you are crushing on. Just remember, girlfriends will always have your back!
4. Don't tell anyone because they might, spitefully, tell him and ruin the romance.
5. Try not to act as if you are obviously fancying him; do your best to treat him the same as other boys.
Finally, I want to share some expert pointers with you on how to have a healthy relationship, with a boyfriend and your girlfriends. Enjoy!
1. Spend a balanced amount of time with both your girlfriends and your boyfriend. After all, your girlies will be around forever but who knows how long the boyfriend will last?
2. Don't be too over-excited for dates or time together at school; try not to sound super eager when you reply! However, make sure you reply within a day to show you aren't ignoring him.
3. Try not to talk about him all the time - your friends will get annoyed and upset.
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Girl Behind The Screen xx