Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hey guys!
OK, relaxation is super important, especially if you are taking important exams at the moment or are feeling permanently stressed. You should always have a time in the day to relax and take things slowly. If you are looking for a few tips on how to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the next day, you are in the right place! I will describe the best ways to achieve relaxation in this post, along with three tips for breaking down big tasks and making them seem more manageable. Happy reading!
How to feel more relaxed during the week:
1. I like to cross off the days on a calendar as it means I know which day it is (and also how long it is to the weekend!).
2. Try to do assignments/homework early in the evening or during the lunch hour to maximise time you have in the evening to relax or have fun.
3. If you are feeling super stressed, TALK to someone. Ask a teacher for some support or confide in a friend or parent; they will give you advice and a hug, which always makes me feel better.
4. Make a study timetable and stick to it. However, don't have six hours of revision one night and half an hour the next. Balance it so you do three  hours each day, and make sure you always hand in assignments/homework by the deadline to prevent behaviour marks or detention.
5. Drink lots of water whilst studying/ at school to make sure you stay healthy. Also, eat regularly. These will both keep you relaxed and feeling OK.
6. Have down time after 8:00pm each night. If you have to study, do it before that time and then relax afterwards. Working late at night will make you feel stressed out and tired the next day, so why not save yourself the trouble and do it when you get in?
7. Always know which assignments you are doing each night. Try to keep it a steady two or three so you aren't suddenly faced with nine unfinished pieces to do, or your stress levels will increase dramatically and you won't have any free time. Planning and organisation is key!
8. Take five minutes nightly to think about your day and breathe. This should allow you to think calmly and be reasonable - if not, chat with a parent and ask them for help.
I hope these are useful to you all! I certainly use them a lot and find they help me when I am feeling stressed or anxious. Just remember, everything's going to be OK.
Now, here are my top three tips on breaking down a larger assignment or task into easy sections:
1. If it is a big project, do at least 20 minutes daily until it is done. This allows you to have research days before you actually make a start, and will probably stop you feeling stressed when you realise you have a day to complete a two-month project. Breaking it down into sections also leaves you time for plenty of different tasks, such as write-ups, conclusions, research and design. These are all important aspects of projects or presentations.
2. Think reasonably. It shouldn't take you a few days to finish if it is a two-week homework or assignment, so do it in more detail. Spend time making your writing neat and legible. Make a model or 3D representation to gain a higher level. You could write a conclusion and print it off separately.
3. NEVER LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE! So many people do it and it is really, really not a good idea. Doing this will mean you have mountains of work to do on top of all your daily work! Always work/plan in advance and allow you time to finish the project.
Well, that's it for today - tomorrow I will be posting about your make-up starter kit - happy reading!
Girl Behind The Screen xx