Saturday, 23 January 2016

Blogging bezzies!

Hey guys!
OK, today is a very special day; my best friend is guest posting on my blog! To read her super blog, click this link:, where I guest posted on hers!
Secretgirl will be blogging about her home spa routine just now! Enjoy!
Girl Behind The Screen xx

Hey everybody,
Today I wanted to share with you a quick step-by-step spa routine. Personally, I do these nearly every Friday, to relax after a long week, and celebrate the weekend ahead. I find these really worthwhile and relaxing. I hope you enjoy the post coming up!
1. I always begin with cleansing my face. My favourite cleanser at the moment is the Simple moisturising cleanser. This will help to unclog your pores, without completely striping the moisture from your skin. Whilst doing this, begin to run a bath.
2. Next, I pick a face mask! This is the fun part! I used one from the Japanese brand last night, although I've forgotten the details! It worked really nicely.
3. I dropped a bath melt from lush in my bath, instead of a bath bomb because I find them more relaxing. It was one of the Christmas ones- the glitter gold and white angel. While in the bath, I used my Zoella foam sweet foam shower gel and my Soap and Glory flake away scrub.
4. When you've soaked for long enough, jump  out of the bath, followed with a body butter. Mine was an apricot one from boots. Also, remove your face mask, in order to begin the skin-care!
5. I did a face-scrub, toner and moisturiser. They all left my skin baby-soft! This is a really fun step, and it's super good for your skin!
6. Hop into your onesie and watch a movie on Netflix or your laptop DVD player. I went for Pitch Perfect 2, again! Remember, the main point of an evening spa time is to relax, so a movie fits perfectly!
I hope you all enjoyed my post. Remember to click the link above to check out my main blog! Me and Becca are going to begin a blog together, so stay tuned to both our sites for more detail on that!
Hoping you all check out my site and love it,
Secret Girl xxx